Trailer: The MindfulCommerce Podcast

An introduction to the MindfulCommerce Community Podcast!
Krissie  0:00 
Welcome to the Mindful Commerce podcast. I'm Krissie,

Rich  0:04 
and I'm Rich, and we're your hosts.

This is not your average podcast. This podcast is for mindful ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world. Most of us are aware that climate change is a problem and the way we go about our daily lives has an impact on our environment. We all need to do our bit to make a change.

Krissie  0:24 
We will discuss the role of e commerce and how it can be improved to better protect our natural world. We will chat openly and honestly to leaders in the ecommerce space: brands, merchants, tech solutions, web experts and freelancers.

Rich  0:41 
With the global increase of e commerce, billions of online stores are selling and shipping products around the globe. This shift to online sales has led to overconsumption, increase in carbon emissions, which ultimately contributes to climate change.

Krissie  0:55 
We want to share our journey to uncover the social and environmental issues in ecommerce and discuss the ways in which we can improve this to be better.

Rich  1:05 
We have an opportunity through education and awareness to influence shoppers, merchants, tech developers and associated industries to be mindful of our environment, social impact and reduce demand on natural resources.

Krissie  1:17 
And that is why we started the Mindful Commerce community and podcast.

Rich  1:22 
Over the coming weeks there will be a number of podcasts featuring interviews with experts and occasional discussions between Krissie and I.

Krissie  1:29 
Check out the show notes for details of how to find us. We hope you enjoy!

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