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"Must Have's" for Your Ecommerce Homepage to Keep Your Customers Wanting More! Featuring Anne from Design Packs

"Must Haves" for your Ecommerce Homepage to keep your customers wanting more! Featuring Anne Thomas From Design Packs. Anne has been a MindfulCommerce Community member since the very beginning so we are delighted to have the opportunity to learn from her expertise on Shopify Personalisation and customisation. We talk about how Design Packs can help enable you to accessorize and extend your existing theme with new sections and pages. Easy customisation without excessive complication. Anne shares some really great tips and suggestions, throughout! Have a listen, it's a really great episode.

What is an Ethical Brand and Why Should You be One? Featuring Jeanne from Spark & Bloom

What is an Ethical Brand and Why Should You be One? Featuring Jeanne from Spark & Bloom We speak to our talented friend, Jeanne from Spark & Bloom Studio to talk about Ethical Branding! Proud of your business's morals but unsure how to convey them in the best way through your branding? Whether you’re building a brand from the ground up, or simply looking to overhaul your look for a fresh start, Spark & Bloom can sprinkle a little magic over your eco-minded business! Have a listen and let us know what you think!

How Your E-commerce Brand Can Stand Out And Profit With Mindful Marketing With Aleana Bargaoui

In this session, we'll be learning about How Your E-commerce Brand Can Stand Out And Profit With Mindful Marketing. Perfect harmony! Delivered to us by Aleana Bargaoui from Brands Are Alive.

Building a Conscious & Irresistible Ecommerce Brand with Monica Sharma-Patnekar

We went live with Monica in the MindfulCommerce Community and Monica delivered the goods! Lots of golden nuggets in this one. In this session, we learn about ways to build an ecommerce brand that's both conscious and irresistible – the best of all worlds!

Harness the Power of Technology to Build & Scale an Ecommerce Business With Mindful Foundations

This series (series 4), will allow people outside of the MindfulCommerce Community to learn from some of the knowledge, skills and expertise brought to you by our ecommerce and sustainability experts who contribute to our Expert Training Library inside the community platform. This episode is the first of many in this series and is brought to you by our Co-Founder Krissie. Krissie is not a co-founder of MindfulCommerce, she is also the founder of Kollectify - a content marketing agency for ecommerce tech and agencies. In this episode, Krissie shares her expertise on how to Harness the Power of Technology to Build & Scale an Ecommerce Business With Mindful Foundations. 🌱

#13 What is The Circular Economy and How Can Online Retailers Get Involved?

This is the THIRD (not the second like I say in the recording), episode of our series where we upload our special panel events with our ecommerce and sustainability experts. This event is all about the circular economy: why ecommerce brands should get involved and how can they go about it in the easiest and most efficient way possible with our incredible guest speakers Claire from One Circular World and Adam from Recurate.

#11 Better Customer Connections For Your Online Store: For Planet & Profit

In this episode, we are re-uploading an event we did in the community. This is an event we hosted in January: 2021-with Okendo, which is a customer review app for Shopify stores, and Brave the Skies & Reverie The Boutique. This event is all about how online stores can create better connections with their customers. We talk about user generated content, influencer marketing, customer reviews and email marketing as well and how you can combine all of those together to create the perfect strategy to connect with your customers on another level. In particular, we talk about this from a perspective of a small brand with not such a big budget.

#010 The Perfect Blend: Find Your Why, Grow Your Ecommerce Business & Maintain Your Mental Health

Today we are talking to Adam the CEO and Co-founder of Blend Commerce - a Shopify agency specialising in turning ideas into reality. Blend are driven by success, with a mission to help Shopify entrepreneurs achieve significant and sustainable growth. Blend Commerce’s Motto is Clarify. Create. Convert. Which we will go into more detail on in the show! We also touch upon finding your why with Simon Sinek's approach, the 4 hour work week with Tim Ferris' method and whether it's really possible or if we even want that! All of this plus some chat about mental health and ensuring we protect ourselves when we start to experience business growth.

#009 Katie Boothby-Kung: Shopify's Incredible Work for Social Impact & Sustainability

Krissie chats to Katie Boothby-Kung from Shopify's Social Impact Team. Katie is doing lots of incredible work at Shopify and we wanted to chat about it here on the podcast to inspire others to follow in Shopify's footsteps. I'm a huge fan of Shopify and what they're doing so I'm extremely excited to share this chat with you.

#008 Does the World Need MoreTrees?

We talk to Niki and Alan from MoreTrees. You probably know that carbon dioxide is one of the biggest drivers of climate change and we know we should be playing our part in reducing and negating carbon emissions. MoreTrees is a tree planting app. MoreTrees not only helps offsets your emissions, but it comes with tons of other benefits too. Every tree planted helps the planet & it reduces extreme poverty and combat deforestation.

Happy Valentines Day - My Relationship With Bullies & Entrepreneurship.

This is a very raw and real conversation and self reflection - I really hope this helps even just one person. I explore the connection with experiencing bullying at a young age and the journey to becoming a business owner and entrepreneur. I also talk a bit about my upbringing, my parents, my boyfriend and how surfing saved my life and how this led to where I am today.

#007 Measure and Reduce Your Carbon Footprint as a Shopify Developer

Today, we are talking to Gavin from Discolabs who make things possible on Shopify plus through custom development. They're a team with deep platform knowledge and world class expertise on Shopify plus, and have a list of happy clients. We got them on the show to talk about their carbon report - diving into the inspiration behind it and how you can do the same.

#006 Conversation, Connections, Facilitation & a Mindful Ecommerce World

Today, we're talking to Tom from Noughts and Ones: a Shopify agency working with purpose-driven ecommerce brands who want to make a meaningful impact online. We love their advocacy for a better world, their passion for Shopify and sustainable commerce.

#005 Making Ecommerce More Sustainable & Positively Impactful

Today we're talking to Jessica and Naomi from Twelve, a sustainability consultancy firm, helping businesses respond to the climate and ecological emergency and embed sustainability in the way they work. We talk to Jessica and Naomi about our sustainability framework, which we built with them last year. It was a very interesting project. And we think it is going to be very beneficial for the ecommerce industry, and also for the planet.

#004: The intersection of ecommerce, sustainability & the luxe market

This week we are SO happy to share our conversation with the extremely wonderful Lucy Roberts, of Reverie The Boutique and Shopify Plus Agency, Brave The Skies. In this episode, we explore the intersection of e-commerce, sustainability and the luxe market. And yes - the three are totally compatible!

#002 Offsetting your online store's carbon footprint

In this episode I, (Krissie), talk to Jan from CarbonClick - a carbon offsetting platform that makes it easy to add carbon offsets to the checkout. We talk about how e-commerce merchants and their customers can offset their carbon footprint and why CarbonClick feels this is important.

#001 How to build & design a low carbon brand & website

In this episode I, (Krissie), talk to Saskia and Nico from HeyLow - a creative studio designing and building low-carbon brands. We talk about the disturbing fact that the internet is dirty and every website has a digital carbon footprint. Saskia and Nico reveal some quick and long term wins to create a low carbon brand and website - this episode is fascinating and might completely change your mindset about the internet!

Trailer: The MindfulCommerce Podcast

An introduction to the MindfulCommerce Community Podcast!