This is not your average podcast. This podcast is for mindful ecommerce entrepreneurs who want to make a difference in the world.

Co-hosts Krissie and Rich discuss the role of ecommerce and how it can be improved to better protect our natural world. We chat openly and honestly to leaders in ecommerce: brands, merchants, tech solutions, web agencies and freelancers who are on a journey to make change.

With the global increase in demand in ecommerce: with billions of online stores selling and shipping products around the globe, this shift to online sales is a big contributor to climate change. We have one common goal - to build awareness of the social and environmental issues in ecommerce but most importantly to discuss the ways in which we can improve this and be better - together.

We have an opportunity, through education and awareness to influence shoppers, merchants, tech developers and associated industries to be mindful of our environment, social impact and reduce demand on natural resources. 

So, here we are! Welcome to the MindfulCommerce podcast.